Benefits of Merino wool

1. Merino is Lightweight & Super Soft When most people hear “wool”, they immediately think “itchy sweater”. That’s because traditional wool is made with a much thicker and coarser fiber. That itch or prick you feel when wearing grandma’s sweater is the individual fiber poking your skin. An ever-present reminder that Grandma loves you. The fibers of Merino wool on-the-other-hand are finer than any other wool fiber out there. This allows them to be much more flexible, lighter and feel soft against your body. In turn, a Merino wool garment flows with your body’s natural movements in a way that just feels right.

2. Merino is breathable Ever take off a shirt made from synthetic blends at the end of a long day and feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your existence? That cool rush of cold air against your skin…The feeling of finally being able to breathe again… That’s because when it comes to blends and synthetics, the only place heat and vapor created by your body have to escape is through microscopic holes between the fiber. That trapped vapor condenses on the fabric and creates a general feeling of clamminess. With Merino wool, your body heat is able to escape not only through the holes between fibers but through the actual fibers themselves. In other words, the entirety of a Merino Wool T-shirt ventilates hot vapor out, and cool surrounding air in. Out with body heat – in with cool refreshment.

3. Merino Manages Moisture Being breathable is all well and good, but what happens when you’re 4-hours into a 7-hour hike, deep in the Peruvian jungle? At that point, your body will be creating more sweat and heat than the air can effectively evaporate. In other words, you’ll be sweating balls. Well, the good news is Merino fiber is able to absorb up to a third of it’s weight in moisture while still feeling comfortable and dry. Moreover, the natural fibers of merino wool will move the moisture being absorbed away from your sweaty ass body where it can continue to evaporate in a process known as “wicking”. On hot sticky days – wicking is your friend.

4. Merino is Antibacterial The wooly coat of Merino has a waxy coating on every single fiber called Lanolin. This oily, wax coating helps Merino sheep repel water during rainy months and guards against infections. In turn, the yarn used to make Merino wool clothing maintains some of this residual Lanolin which continues to act as a safeguard against mildew, mold and odor causing bacteria. See below for a more in depth look at Lanolin in action.

5. Merino is Odor Resistant Because of Merino wool’s natural ability to stay breathable, effectively manage moisture, and prevent odor-causing bacteria, the end result is a perfect trifecta of clothing that smells fresh no matter you put it through. The extraordinary performance of our clothing is actually quite simple – We let Mother Nature do it’s thing. Since Merino wool fiber is breathable, you’re less likely to over-heat and over perspire. Since it’s great at not absorbing sweat, when you do perspire, there is far less sweat collecting and producing odor. Last, Lanolin is your last line of defense against odor causing bacteria. The end result is clothing that stays clean and scent free for days, weeks and even months of wear when properly cared for.

6. Merino wool is wrinkle resistant Grab a microscope and take a gander at a single Merino wool fiber. You’ll notice that it resembles a tight coiled spring…the pros call it a “fiber crimp”. Give this crimp a yank and it will recoil back into shape every single time. It’s this elasticity and recoil of Merino wool fiber that gives its luxurious feeling stretch. Not to mention, when you stuff it into a backpack or carry-on, it comes out looking ready to wear.

7. Merino wool is organic & renewable Lose your shirt while camping? Don’t sweat it, Merino Wool garments will biodegrade back into soil within a few years. Between Australia and New Zealand there are about 70 million Merino sheep producing this miraculous fiber year round, raised on a simple diet of grass pasture. Each year, the Merino produce a brand-new fleece making this natural harvest of wool completely renewable and sustainable. All while creating a thriving, multi-generational industry in both nations.

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